Phylomène Zangio running for election in Moncton

Moncton, April 10, 2016 – Phylomène Zangio is running for election as councillor at large for the City of Moncton in the upcoming elections on May 9th.

Phylomène Zangio : “My candidacy for General Councillor of the City of Moncton is one with the aim of inclusion and social participation. Without further delay, we’re going to take up the challenges of the twenty-first century, and build a better future for all and bequeath a prosperous city, where life is enjoyable, to the generations to come. We’re going to take the right actions for environmental protection and enhancement of our heritage, and create a culturally vibrant and artistically radiant city. Together, we’ll welcome and integrate newcomers, and grasp the potential they bring.”

A woman of ideas, and a woman of action, Phylomène Zangio is well-known for her community involvement, her commitment to equality for women and to professional and social inclusion for men and women immigrating to New Brunswick. She was the 2015 winner of the Black Excellence Award for outstanding influence and leadership.

Phylomène was the first co-chair of the consensus-building forum Voice of New Brunswick Women, and has served on the Board of the following organizations: Regroupement féministe du Nouveau-Brunswick, Société de l’Acadie du Nouveau-Brunswick, National Coalition of Provincial and Territorial Advisory Councils on the Status of Women, Community Advisory Board on Mental Health of the Vitalité Health Network.

She was an active participant in creating a support Centre for francophone immigrants in Southeastern New Brunswick (CAFI). She was also active in the parent support committees in Moncton’s Champlain, Mascaret and Odyssée schools. She has been participating in ArtsNB’s commission for diversity.

A basketball mom, Phylomène has been living in Moncton for almost three decades, speaks six languages and has held the position of news editor for the journal Revue de l’Université de Moncton since 2000.